Hotel Emerald,
on the M17 road!

Restaurant & Caffe bar

As part of the Emerald Hotel, there is also a restaurant that offers a wide selection of local and international cuisine prepared by a team of top chefs. In addition to the a la carte offer, it is possible to serve meals to larger groups at a buffet table, as well as to serve them in the Viennese style. The restaurant is open type.

Within the facility there is also a coffee bar that offers a wide selection of teas, coffees, hot drinks and fresh cakes of our own production.


Open type restaurant

The restaurant is open type, with a capacity of up to 100 people. For it's guests, the restaurant has a rich variety of traditional bosnian we well as international cuisine which is prepared by a team of professional chefs. The a la carte offer completes our offer, and in addition to it, we have a special offer for larger groups, where we offer the possibility of serving meals from a buffet table, as well as serving in the Viennese style.

Mostar is surrounded by all the beauties that this city offers, an interesting tourist location that will satisfy every traveler who intentionally or unintentionally "wanders" to a location where a peaceful and pleasant stay is offered.